Betti Ono and Queer Cultural Center Co-Present “Femme as In…” by Amanda Arkansassy Harris and epli featuring The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins!

Femme as in...

Betti Ono and Queer Cultural Center are pleased to announce their first collaboration for the 19th Annual National Queer Arts Festival! Together, we proudly present Femme as In…, which highlights two solo exhibitions by Amanda “Arkansassy” Harris and epli featuring The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins.

Femme as In… draws upon the complex experiences of queer femmes and the ever-present context in which they navigate the world. Together, they explore the femme art of survival and resilience. Through bold and powerful portraits this exhibition asserts that living at the intersection of multiple identities is an essential truth of femme existence.

“If you don’t see femmes as queers, it’s because you choose to not see us. You are invested in our erasure. We are here. We have always been here.” – Dulce aka Fierce Femme, co-conspirator.


Dorian - Juniper
Dorian (right), Juniper (left). Photo courtesy of the artists, epli ft. The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins, and Amanda Arkansassy Harris, respectively.


5Faces is a multi-genre collaboration between queer documentary photographer epli and performance artist The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins. 5 large scale portraits, alongside autobiographical essays explore the 5 personas that form like Voltron to create the black, femme, Diva-On-A-Dime we know as The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins. | 

Femme Space is a photo project exploring queer femme identity and reclamation of space. Queer femmes of all genders choose locations and co-conspire with photographer, Amanda Arkansassy Harris to reclaim sites of marginalization, erasure and invisibility through portraiture. Femme Space exists to draw attention to the experiences of queer femmes and amplify our stories in art and media. |

Opening Night:
First Friday, June 3rd, 2016, 7-9pm
@ Betti Ono, 1427 Broadway, Oakland CA, 94612

This event is supported through a grant from the National Endowment for the Arts via the Queer Cultural Center.