Join Betti Ono in celebration as we launch our 10 Year Anniversary Season.

For the past ten years, Betti Ono has held ground as an active cultural space and hub for art and community. As a Black women-led organization, we intentionally center Black and Brown women and girls in our work. Our mission is to amplify the voices and lives of artists, celebrate the culture of everyday people, and empower those in our community. We are a space where Black and Brown women can create, explore, and thrive in their artistry. Black and Brown women are drawn to Betti Ono because we reflect and affirm our lives with authenticity, prioritize our autonomy and safety, and encourage freedom of expression, unapologetically.

As we step into this new decade, we feel the rapid shifts occurring in our world and the multitude of spaces we hold. Issues of gendered violence impact Black and Brown women, gender expansive BIPOC, and LGBTQI+ youth of color disproportionately. The urgency of right now calls for a radically expansive vision of safety not only for the women in our arts community, but Black and Brown women collectively, and Black and Brown girls immediately. We must honor and protect BIPOC women and girls!

For this reason, we proudly launch the Betti Ono tenth anniversary season with “The Spaces We’re In: Centering the Safety of Black and Brown Women a month-long series of art, activations, and experiences. TSWI is a co-production of  Betti Ono, Gold Beams, and a coming together of a host of artists and community partners committed to our collective well-being, transformation, and healing throughout October, Domestic Violence Awareness month. Join us as we examine radical ideas of safety, explore new ways to hold safe spaces, and use art to tell our own stories, in all the spaces we’re in.