Betti Ono and Queer Cultural Center Co-Present “Femme as In…” by Amanda Arkansassy Harris and epli featuring The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins!

Betti Ono and Queer Cultural Center are pleased to announce their first collaboration for the 19th Annual National Queer Arts Festival! Together, we proudly present Femme as In…, which highlights two solo exhibitions by Amanda “Arkansassy” Harris and epli featuring The Lady Ms. Vagina Jenkins. Femme as In… draws upon the complex experiences of queer femmes…

(H)afrocentric Vol. 4: Book Signing and Chill with Author, Jewels Smith

(H)afrocentric stars a posse of disgruntled undergrads of color as they navigate their way through Ronald Reagan University. Follow the self proclaimed radical Black feminist, Naima Pepper (who has a White mama), as she deals with the contradictions of her own life in various ways—lashing out in Tourette Syndrome-like rants about gentrification, white supremacy, and…

Opening Night -#222ForgottenCities: The Power of Melanin 2.5.16

Betti Ono is dedicated to providing a platform and space to amplify the work and voices of under-represented artists and communities of color. These beautifully captured photos by Jon Crisp, reflect the powerful moments during the opening night artist talk for #222ForgottenCities: The Power of Melanin by Brittsense.


Betti Ono is proud to present #222ForgottenCities: The Power of Melanin, a solo exhibition by Brittani Sensabaugh aka BRITTSENSE. Opening night reception and artist talk Friday Feb 5, 2016 from 6-9pm. Talk at 7pm.

Adrift : New Solo Show by Renee Castro

This Fall we are pleased to present #Adrift by Renee Castro, the debut solo show at Betti Ono on view thru Jan 15th . With her heritage stemming from the Ohlone Native American tribe, Renee Castro’s background serves as an inspiration for much of her work hence her subjects deep roots and connection within the natural world. This illustrative collection incorporated misconceived heroines and captivating muses that are simultaneously emerging from and being enveloped by environments that could provide them a sense of security, playfulness or distress.