How Art Disrupts the Culture of Violence on Public Transit

NotOneMoreGirl is a BIPOC youth-led initiative in partnership with community-based organizations and BART to end gender-
based violence.

Not One More Girl was launched in 2020 as a partnership with Alliance for Girls,
Betti Ono, Black Girls Brilliance, Unity Council, and BART to reimagine safety for
riders and address sexual harassment and gender-based violence on BART, the
5th largest public transit system in the country. Not One More Girl was sparked
by the powerful work of Alliance For Girls, whose 2019 participatory research and
report, Together We Rise, alongside three other research initiatives revealed that
girls and gender expansive Bay Area youth of color frequently feel unsafe and
are disproportionately targeted in incidents of sexual assault and gender-based
violence on public transportation. Phase I of the initiative included a 12-point
gender equity action plan with art and police change that was supported by the
BART board in a February 2020 resolution.

*The campaign defines girls as gender-expansive youth (cis girls, trans girls,
non-binary youth, gender non-conforming youth, gender queer youth and any girl-identified youth).

Images of art from the Not One More Girl campaign illustrated by Betti Ono Artist in Residence, Safi Kolozsvari Regalado, layout designed by Mike Nicholls

As featured in the Americans for the Arts, Arts Link magazine, Teen Vogue, Bloomberg, KQED, and the San Francisco Chronicle. The Not One More Girl campaign (NOMG), uses youth participatory action research, cultural strategy, art, and policy change to dismantle the systems that have enabled gender-based violence on public transit and instead create systems of empowerment for riders. Interested in partnering with us to bring NOMG to your community, organization, or transit agency?