Adorn, New Solo Exhibition by Paul Lewin Now On View at Betti Ono

In most African cultures adornments are
not merely for decorative purposes. They convey values, beliefs, status,
and achievements. They play roles in ritual and ceremony while honoring
the gods, goddesses, and ancestors. They are a form of communication
and storytelling. They also speak of the deep connection African cultures
have to nature. The work of Paul Lewin mixes traditional Caribbean and African imagery with
visions of the surreal. T

Betti Ono Launches Year Long Arts Initiative – The Fire Next Time: A Call & Response

The Fire Next Time: A Call & Response (#TFNTOakland) is a year long, Oakland led international arts and culture initiative designed to be part cultural think- tank + exhibition + instigation. TFNT: A Call and Response takes its name and inspiration from the life and legacy of James Baldwin and the band of artists, actors, instigators and agitators who worked together to advance freedom, human rights, racial + social justice all over the world.

BONJOUR: Day Party + Fundraiser Celebrating Art and Resistance Sept. 22, 1-5pm

In 1948, James Baldwin moved to France in search of the space to develop as a cultural thinker and writer that evaded him in this country. The contributions he made fighting for civil rights, justice and Black cultural radicalism-in addition to those of Maya Angelou, Malcolm X, Nina Simone, Stuart Hall and many others–inspired us to launch a year-long inquiry and cultural think tank entitled The Fire Next Time: A Call and Response (#TFNTOakland). Join us on September 22 from 1-5pm for BONJOUR: A Day Party + Fundraiser to raise critical funds for the project and celebrate this rich legacy of art and resistance!

Founder Anyka Barber Named KQED Bay Brilliant

KQED Arts’ Bay Brilliant, a series celebrating 10 local artists, creatives and makers who are pushing boundaries in 2018. Driven by passion for their own disciplines—music, dance, theater, visual art, performance, writing, illustration and more—these artists are true vanguards paving the way in their respective communities. For Barber, who was born and raised in Oakland, every aspect of the gallery—including exhibitions, youth programming and lease negotiation—is an opportunity to promote equity, fight anti-blackness and provide space for audiences to see themselves reflected positively through art.